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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” -Colin Powell, Former U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Want to Hire Your Ideal Candidate? Then You Must Do These 2 Things

      December 2018    

Earlier this week I discussed two highly successful hiring practices with business owners who attended one of my recent seminars. Those two points were: 1) your job postings and open position advertisements must market your business, and 2) during candidate interviews spend as much time assessing the individual’s personal character as you do their technical/job skills.

Marketing your position: Your ideal candidate is probably working for someone else. They may or may not be happy with their current situation, but they haven’t actively begun a job search. So, your job posting has to present a compelling reason why they should reach out to you to learn about your vacant position. Postings that lead-off by listing the job requirements – certifications, number of years experience, knowledge of software programs etc. – are boring and don’t present a compelling reason for your ideal candidate to contact you.

Your posting has to present your business as an exciting place to work…a place that has a clearly articulated vision, where the candidate can grow with the business, and where your ideal candidate can build their career. To be effective your posting must create excitement before listing several personal characteristic and job requirements.

Personal characteristics: How many times have you hired the person you thought was perfect for the position only to find 6 months later that they had a lousy attitude or they were perpetually late or they were argumentative? When that happened, I bet that your interview questions dealt solely with their job knowledge – how many years experience hey had, what certifications they acquired, specific software skills,etc. I’ll also wager that you spent little time digging into their personal characteristics and how well they lined up with what you needed.

One of the first steps you must undertake, if you expect to hire an ideal candidate, is to think through, and have in writing, those personal characteristics you require for the job. Thinking through this and clearly establishing the roles and responsibilities for the position will require upfront work that you may feel is not necessary. But the more time you spend upfront thinking through these details, the more likely you are to make an outstanding hire.

Conclusion:  The tendency amongst most business owners is to quickly fill vacant positions…they rush through the hiring process only to find that the person they hired wasn’t a good fit. Slow down and instead be sure the person you hire is the right person for the open position. I’m reminded of the saying “hire slow and fire fast.”

There are many more essential steps necessary to find, hire and onboard your ideal candidate than the two highlighted above, but these are two of the most essential.

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