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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

5 Keys to Recruiting and Hiring Your Ideal Job Candidate

February 2019

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Many business owners I’ve spoken with recently have experienced challenges in finding and hiring top quality talent. They have relied on the traditional recruiting techniques and processes which are expensive, slow and often don’t result in hiring the ideal person. These owners often say “there just isn’t any good talent on the market”.

I disagree and believe good talent is available. The talent is out there but most owners don’t know how to attract it. Rather than saying “there isn’t any good talent on the market”, ask yourself, how can I attract the great talent that’s out there and entice them to look at my company?

I approach recruiting and hiring differently than the traditional techniques. The 5-point recruiting and hiring process I teach has proven to be successful around the world in attracting and hiring top quality talent.

The elements of my process can be broken into the following 5 areas:

·       Identifying what will attract the best candidates (normally they’re working for someone else). Today’s recruiting environment necessitates that you look at your job posting or advertisement through the eyes of the potential candidate. What can you say in your posting that will attract your ideal candidate? Incidentally, in additional to the technical skills your ideal candidate must possess, have you identified the personal characteristics they must possess?

·        Marketing the position using multiple strategies/advertisements/headlines to attract your ideal candidate. Building a job posting that solely recites job requirements – hours, certifications, work experience – is boring to the reader and may have worked when jobs were scarce, but they don’t work today. If you’re interested in hiring quality team members, you have to build your posting with the intent of creating excitement and curiosity about your company in the minds of potential quality candidates

·       Screening to minimize the time it takes to select the final candidates through a de-selection process. What’s your process for screening the resumes or applications that are received? Do you use the old laborious technique of reading each one and either accepting or deleting the application? How efficient is that? The answer is; It isn’t. Additionally, paper resumes don’t provide insight into the personal qualities of the candidate. I can show you a way that’s far more efficient and effective in de-selecting those candidates who aren’t your ideal.

·       Interviewing candidates using a system that creates time by efficiently, accurately and quickly refining your choices. How many hours do you and your team consume in conducting separate interviews? What are you looking to assess during the interviews? How deep do you probe with questions? How do you structure your questions to lessen the likelihood of a BS response? How much time do you spend on assessing the candidate’s personal characteristics? Or, are you primarily focused on their ability to perform the job?

·       Onboarding new employees in a way that helps retain them while taking less of your team’s time is critical. I’ve seen too many instances where owners hire and then almost ignore the new team member during their first weeks. How you treat the new hire during their first month on the job is critical to their longevity working for you. Yet the tendency is to believe that once they’re onboard you, the owner, don’t need to spend much time with them. That’s so wrong.

Business owners must adapt to a labor market characterized by scarcity and stop expecting outdated techniques, that worked when the labor pool was much larger. Your ideal candidates are working for someone else. So, you need to create a compelling reason why your ideal candidate should contact you when they’re happy in their current position.

You also need to become more efficient throughout the entire recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. New processes are required and when adopted can dramatically reduce the overall length of time consumed finding and hiring your ideal candidate, while at the same time increasing the likelihood of you making the right choice.

Business owner, if you’re open to learning more, then let’s have a discussion, I’m be glad to expand on these 5 elements with you and explore improvements you can make in your recruiting/hiring process.

Let’s Do It Mike’s Way

      January 2019

This past weekend I attended the funeral for a mentor and dear friend of mine in Richmond. Mike guided me through my early banking career and ultimately was responsible for much of the success I enjoyed. So, my world shook when I learned of his sudden passing.

The funeral was a time of remembering Mike’s life and a time for all to rejoice that we had the opportunity to know Mike. What really struck me was the number of people (approx. 350) who attended the service. Mike impacted so many people and they came to show their love and appreciation.

I’ve been thinking about that service and have been asking myself how many people will come to my service? My adult life has been spent helping others from Habitat for Humanity to being a Big Brother for 5 years to raising a wonderful family, but 350 people…Mike took it to another level. So, I’m rededicating myself to increasing my efforts at being a positive influence on people.

What about you? Will the church be overflowing with appreciative people for your service? Or, will the total number be able to sit in the first pew?

It’ so easy to get caught up in our own worlds that our focus turns inward and we worry about what’s happening to us and lose sight of others. We don’t really care about the person we’re talking to…our issues are more important to us. We don’t go out of our way to help our neighbor in need because we have to pick our son up from school. We don’t feel like people would appreciate our efforts so we do nothing while they are in need. We don’t inspire people to reach new goals…to push themselves.

As a business coach I often see amazement in the eyes of my clients when they achieve a goal they didn’t think possible. It’s because I care for them that I push them to achieve more than they think they can achieve.

What about you? Do you let people go along with the status quo? Or, do you inspire them to achieve more than they thought possible?

Mike was genuine and you felt that when speaking with him. He was always willing to listen to whatever was on my mind and to offer his perspective even if my timing wasn’t good for him. He told me what was on his mind and offered suggestions on ways to deal with my issues.

Once again Mike is impacting my life by raising the bar for me even in his absence. I can’t think of a better way to tell Mike how much I’ll miss him than by encouraging all of us to slow down and commit to exerting a stronger positive influence on the people in our communities.

Thanks Mike, you’ll be missed.

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Want to Hire Your Ideal Candidate? Then You Must Do These 2 Things

      December 2018    

Earlier this week I discussed two highly successful hiring practices with business owners who attended one of my recent seminars. Those two points were: 1) your job postings and open position advertisements must market your business, and 2) during candidate interviews spend as much time assessing the individual’s personal character as you do their technical/job skills.

Marketing your position: Your ideal candidate is probably working for someone else. They may or may not be happy with their current situation, but they haven’t actively begun a job search. So, your job posting has to present a compelling reason why they should reach out to you to learn about your vacant position. Postings that lead-off by listing the job requirements – certifications, number of years experience, knowledge of software programs etc. – are boring and don’t present a compelling reason for your ideal candidate to contact you.

Your posting has to present your business as an exciting place to work…a place that has a clearly articulated vision, where the candidate can grow with the business, and where your ideal candidate can build their career. To be effective your posting must create excitement before listing several personal characteristic and job requirements.

Personal characteristics: How many times have you hired the person you thought was perfect for the position only to find 6 months later that they had a lousy attitude or they were perpetually late or they were argumentative? When that happened, I bet that your interview questions dealt solely with their job knowledge – how many years experience hey had, what certifications they acquired, specific software skills,etc. I’ll also wager that you spent little time digging into their personal characteristics and how well they lined up with what you needed.

One of the first steps you must undertake, if you expect to hire an ideal candidate, is to think through, and have in writing, those personal characteristics you require for the job. Thinking through this and clearly establishing the roles and responsibilities for the position will require upfront work that you may feel is not necessary. But the more time you spend upfront thinking through these details, the more likely you are to make an outstanding hire.

Conclusion:  The tendency amongst most business owners is to quickly fill vacant positions…they rush through the hiring process only to find that the person they hired wasn’t a good fit. Slow down and instead be sure the person you hire is the right person for the open position. I’m reminded of the saying “hire slow and fire fast.”

There are many more essential steps necessary to find, hire and onboard your ideal candidate than the two highlighted above, but these are two of the most essential.

I specialize in working with business owners to build superior teams…teams that are empowered and actively help the owner grow their business. Teams that value their customers and create outstanding customer experiences. I will be glad to discuss how to build empowered team with you. Here is a link to my calendar – click on it and select from the available times the day and time that’s best for you.