Business Plans

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author

Business Plans


Whether you need a business plan to attract investors, seek capital from banks or just to keep you focused on moving towards building the business of your dreams, we have the tools and expertise to create the perfect business plan for you.


Formal Business Plans: These plans are created using our PlanningCLUB software and create beautiful .pdf formatted plans suitable for investors and bankers.

Our software is designed to help guide you through the business planning process more simply, effectively and effortlessly than ever before. Working one-to-one with me or in a group setting you go through a comprehensive planning process. PlanningCLUB is a cloud-based software tool we use in facilitated workshops to develop comprehensive plans. I’ll teach you how to use the tool, walk you through the entire process and deliver an investor-ready plan. The tool remains active so you can update your plan when situations require that the original plan be changed. Thus, you’re able to keep your business plan current and relevant.


2-Day Business Planning Session: Two-day session at either your office, or an offsite location with you and your planning team. We’ll start with an introductory meeting to explain the process and walk you through the necessary pre-work. Next, we’ll work in two full day sessions to complete the business plan. This can be done in consecutive days, but we strongly recommend scheduling on two consecutive weeks.


Your investment will be $5,000


2-Day Group Planning Session: Same tool and process as above, but done in a group setting with other business owners.


Your investment will be $2,500


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