Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

Testimonials Regarding Coach Jeff Lovejoy:



Jeff on behalf of Premier Events, we are grateful for the support you have provided to our organization. You helped us streamline our operations, found new ways to train and motivate our team and refocused our direction to allow us to work smarter and not harder. We’ve had a huge turn around in our business since we started working with you and we are so thankful to have you as a member of the Premier Events team!

Laura Valente

Partner, Premier Events


I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Hegwood Electric.  When we as a company decided to take the business up a notch, we didn’t realize that with your assistance we would take it up to so much of a higher level beyond a mere notch or two.


With your assistance, we organized our thoughts as a company, created a vision and mission statement, and created a culture statement.  The culture statement, as we’ve come to learn, is the heart of our company.  Once our thoughts were together, you helped us to begin the implementation of our goals.


One key service you assisted us with was our hiring process.  This process is so valuable to our company, even if I wanted to, the team wouldn’t allow me to deviate for it.  Our employee turnover has dramatically fallen and now most of our newest employees have been with us over 2 years or longer!  Of course, with stability in staff, this has allowed us to concentrate on our business which has grown and continues to grow.


Thanks so much for your assistance and we look forward to years of your input.

Kirk Hegwood

Owner, Hegwood Electronics


We first began working with Coach Jeff in May of 2014 for the next 12 months we met with him weekly to discuss focus, strategies and accountability. Under his guidance and mentoring we were able to make a profound change in our business. We became more proactive in deciding what we wanted to achieve and developed strategies to get us the desired results.

Our becoming more proactive impacted our business in many ways with the following being a few examples:

We recommend Coach Jeff to any business owner who is feeling trapped inside their business and wants to achieve breakthrough growth. 

Chuck Lisowski

Co-owner, Awards Atlanta



“Jeff made a significant impact on my company’s bottom line. Together we generated additional revenue of $500,000. He helped us identify areas to strengthen and helped create accountability systems to monitor progress. I greatly value his business insight. I highly recommend Jeff as a Business Coach!”

Zett Quinn

Owner, Quality Craftsman


I wanted to publicly express my gratitude for Jeff’s work as an ActionCOACH. He helped me to identify new approaches and insights that held me accountable and helped me land a big client. He’s diligent and responsive, held me accountable while sitting on the same side of the table cheering my business on. I highly recommend his services.

Justin Streeter

Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial



We’ve owned our home renovation and remodeling business for 15 years.  Prior to meeting Coach Jeff Lovejoy in April of 2011, our company experienced slow steady growth.  This was based solely on referrals, but we knew the company had the potential to do far more.

One of the first initiatives Coach Jeff led us through was clearly defining our vision statement, mission statement and Unique Selling Proposition.    We spent time identifying our competitors, analyzing our industry and market place, defining our target market and specific niche.  Coach Jeff was instrumental in helping us move from working “in” our business to working “on” our business.  Coach Jeff encouraged us to expand our vision for the company and not limit ourselves. 

Since working with Coach Jeff we are delegating more tasks, tracking activities, better marketing our business, building a stronger team, and making decisions with our vision in mind.  As a result we doubled our revenue year over year. 

Zett & Mary Quinn

Quality Craftsmen


We’ve hired Jeff twice this year. Each time he has not only been diligent in working with us hand in hand to create the most relevant and value add presentations, but he also ensured that we were able to walk away with actionable tools, which we are currently implementing in our day to day operations. Jeff has been a tremendous asset to our team, we highly recommend him. 

James S. Altamirano

Director of Operations and Business Development

GO Sports Unlimited


Prior to working with ActionCOACH Jeff, my time and attention was consumed by my crews and the jobsites. I thought being with my crews and on the site was the way to grow my company. With Jeff’s coaching, I replaced time at the jobsite with time spent in my office working ON my business. As a result, we were able to achieve far more success than would have been accomplished without Coach Jeff’s involvement. Successes included:

As a result of these efforts I have experienced an increase in the number of repeat clients requesting additional work and in the number of prospective clients that are referred to me. As a result of the increased in referred and repeat business, I have recently decided not to increase my marketing costs by advertising in newspapers.

I now wake up in the morning excited about my business.  

Jeff Gaines

Owner, Strategic Construction Services



Jeff has been very instrumental in helping ASR grow and streamline our processes. He establishes accountability and presents a clear path for us to follow. He is always available to discuss ideas or meet when needed, too. I would recommend Jeff highly to any business owner or entrepreneur.

John Homonek

CEO, ASR Healthcare


I can attribute this increased work to working with you in building a sales process and motivating me to step things up a notch.  I have appreciated our time together and have found it very valuable.

Gabe Pierce

Owner, Citiside Construction


Over the past couple years, I found myself spending most of my time working “in” my business. We were successful, but achievement of my important long-term goals was being delayed, i.e. pushed further into the future. 

I hired coach Jeff Lovejoy to help me increase the focus “on” my business. With Jeff’s assistance, we have installed systems and processes in my business that have enabled me to focus on strategies that enhance our interaction with customers and prospective customers. We have developed and installed systems and process around the following important functions:

Installation of these processes reassures me that my customers and prospective customers are being treated the way I want. A side benefit of working with Jeff is that I am a better sales person than before engaging the services of Jeff Lovejoy. 

Dean Robertson

Owner, Integrated Insurance


I worked with Jeff as I launched a new business. He was a great sounding board and it was very beneficial to take time to think and relay our plan to someone who could ask good questions and be objective. As we reach certain milestones, it would be great to have Jeff come back and help us review our processes.

Jeremy Dickman

Owner, Primm Roofing



I want to publicly express my sincere gratitude to Jeff and offer this recommendation for the outstanding services he provided me as a client at Action Coach. I learned several new strategies and systems to help me lead a more effective fundraising team here at MAP International. While everything I learned will undoubtedly help us improve performance, one concept has helped me to immediately address an ongoing challenge – staff turnover.

Staff continuity is of prime importance with any charity seeking long-term relationships with major donors. My challenge is that I was experiencing nearly 100% turnover of my major gift department within an 18 month period. We discussed this challenge and I came to realize one of the rules I was living by professionally – that is to say, “hire the best and get the heck out of the way” – was based on the false notion that my best performers didn’t need my time or attention.

I started to work out a weekly plan in which several key conversations with individuals or groups were planned out so I could spend time with my star employees discussing both professional and personal issues. It has worked marvelously well. I sense a change in the mood of the office as people express more pleasure with their jobs and are more motivated to hit individual and team goals.

Other important lessons included the standardization of processes, the development of key talking points prior to one-on-one and committee meetings and forming templates to help maintain a high energy level within the fundraising program – all good stuff which I will draw on for many years ahead.

Jeff offers a great service and I highly recommend it to anyone working in a charitable or nonprofit environment in addition to those working within the private sector.  – 

Scott Walters

MAPS International


I gladly recommend Jeff Lovejoy and his services through ActionCOACH. We have worked together for the past year and his advice and resources have made a positive difference in my ability to plan and achieve both business and personal goals. With Jeff’s guidance I have benefited from tools available through ActionCOACH like the quarterly action plan.

In non-profit work, there are often multiple projects with too few resources and staff available to handle them. As a result I found myself struggling to spend time on important high level organizational work and planning. Jeff has a wonderful ability to suggest and recommend approaches that allowed me to re-evaluate how I was spending my working hours without seeming invasive. As a result I am now working more efficiently and effectively with my team to meet our organizational goals.

In my opinion, any business professional can benefit from Jeff’s recommendations and expertise.

Julie Colon Koriakin

Executive Director, YMCA of Metro Atlanta, Atlanta, GA


I searched for months looking for a coach that was committed to a process of understanding me, my business and my priorities and delivering strategic guidance to drive success.  Jeff is a trained expert on knowing how to ask the right questions to get me as a leader answering and focusing on the right issues and initiatives.

Mitch Reiner, CFP, CIMA

COO, Capital Investment Advisors


It has taken me a long time to understand that my business can and should be more than just me. In speaking with a number of business people along the way I have found that many others think along the same lines, “it is just me”.

I started a company 16 years ago that has always been “just me”. I have been working 6-7 days a week, sometimes 18-20 hours a day. Never enough time, not the kind of money I should have for the work I was doing and no life on the personal side. 

I had no real vision of where I was going with my business next year, never mind 5 -10 years from now.  

I set some small goals in late October for the end of the year, by using the systems I not only accomplished the sales goal but exceeded it by mid-November. I have new goals, plans on how to get there, new systems to set up to train my people, new ideas on how to obtain new clients and for the first time in years I am excited about my business again. 

A special THANK YOU to Jeff Lovejoy who holds my feet to the fire. 

Karen Bershad

President, The Small Business Advisor



“I am not only getting much value out of working with you but am enjoying getting to know you personally. My hat is off to you! You have restored my faith in coaching!!!”

Dolly Evans

President Small Business Services


“I’ve worked with Jeff in numerous capacities over the last 20 years – as a partner, manager and client – and see firsthand how he is able to leverage his talent. I witnessed his success in building, coaching and managing customer relationships. Jeff’s superior management and communications skills helped us exceed revenue goals and complete this project ahead of time and below budget. Jeff’s partnership, knowledge and work ethic consistently produce superior results. I’ve seen Jeff coach members of his team to excel in performing not just their assigned responsibilities but also in achieving their stretch goals. Jeff is a natural coach.” 

Lisa Bouldin

Executive Director, JP Morgan Treasury Services


“I work with many small businesses on a day to day basis. Jeff, I can attest to the difference it makes working with a business owner that is under the influence of your coaching abilities. They have a clear direction of where they are going, how to brand their company in the marketplace and how to succeed.” 

Pam Crist

Piedmont Solutions Group