If I allow people to be just okay, or to be mediocre – then what I am saying is I want a company that is just okay. Anyone who knows me will tell you that is not what I am about.” -Bradley J Sugars, Founder, ActionCOACH


Hello. My name is Jeff Lovejoy.

Helping business owners build their businesses in pursuit of their dreams while providing a positive contribution to their communities are the reasons I joined ActionCOACH as a Business Coach.

I have helped metro Atlanta business owners achieve dramatic results by focusing them ON their business rather than working entirely IN it. Customers have dramatically increased revenues and profits, built empowered teams, achieved more in fewer hours, and installed processes to increase operational efficiency. Achieving dramatic results excites me.

Most business owners are excellent at what their business does, but many have never had any training in how to run a business. The only education they have had is from the school of hard knocks. As a result, they often aren't achieving the potential of their businesses, they are working long hours, taking all the risk and not paying themselves enough.

I work with metro Atlanta business owners to improve their businesses by:
• teaching strategies they are unfamiliar with
• defining their vision for the business and creating plans to get there
• guiding them in adopting those strategies
• installing processes in their businesses
• dealing with issues that impact their mindset
• holding them accountable for their commitments

"When we as a company decided to take the business up a notch, we didn’t realize that with your assistance we would take it up to so much of a higher level beyond a mere notch or two." Kirk Hegwood, Hegwood Electric

Areas I focus on with business owners include:
• sales and marketing
• financial management
• leadership and team management
• operational processes in their business
• team development and motivation/empowerment
• time management

I work best with business owners who are looking to:
• significantly increase revenue and profits
• dramatically increase the consistency and efficiency of their operations
• significantly increase the quality of their team
• confidently grow their leadership skills
• judiciously make better use of their time
• dramatically increase customer loyalty
• effectively create plans so they become proactive

What differentiates me from most business coaches is that I'm part of the ActionCOACH franchise - over 1,000 coaches worldwide working with business owners. All of us sharing ideas and content. Other business coaches don't have access to the unbelievable about of intellectual property and models that I have as an Action coach.

"Under your guidance and mentoring we were able to make a profound change in our business. We became more proactive in deciding what we want to achieve and developed strategies to get us the desired results." Chuck Lisowski, Awards Atlanta

While growing a business can be rewarding and enjoyable, building enduring success means overcoming a continuous array of challenges. And though most business owners are experts on their company’s products and services, they often don’t know how to run the business. Not exactly a recipe for focused and profitable business growth, and without accountability they often are not consistently disciplined to execute on proven strategies.

I meet with clients on either a weekly or semi-monthly basis because accountability is a key ingredient that I provide. You don't achieve goals in one big step; it usually requires many small steps.

Business owners develop TRUST in me as being: 1) dependable, 2) stable, 3) prepared, 4) principled, 5) detailed, and 6) conscientious.

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  • Is your business generating less cash than you’d like?
  • Are you struggling to recruit, retain & develop the depth of talent needed to build a great company?
  • Are you looking for fast and effective improvements in your business?
  • Are you working longer hours than you’d like?
  • Are your marketing and sales campaigns delivering less than you’d like?

ActionCOACH has been helping people and businesses to work through these kinds of issues for over 15 years. The knowledge and systems developed over that time have brought significant improvements to hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world.

When you’re ready to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle, call to arrange a complimentary consultation and together we’ll explore the possibilities for you and your business.
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