The following are either radio or podcast interviews I've given recently. These interviews focus on a wide-range of topics related to helping business owners understand the scope and resolution of typical issues they encounter in running their businesses.  

1. Radio conversation with Tug Cowart 0n September 28th - Click here to listen to an engaging conversation around key marketing concepts that have huge impacts on the success of a business. We discuss the importance of having identified the target markets that you product or service best line-up with and to focus your messaging towards the frustrations of those markets. We also discuss key metrics that all extremely successful business owners know about their business. Enjoy and take great notes.

2. Radio Interview on September 11, 2020 - Click here to listen to a discussion on a couple topics; 1) a couple suggestions on how business owners must deal with their remote teams; 2) coaching is about helping owners bring out the best of themselves; and 3) free business strategy virtual workshop on Oct. 2 (click here for additional information).

3. Radio Interview on September 3, 2020 - Click here to listen to the interview which primarily focuses on the important of business owners spending time focused ON their business rather than working 100% of their time in the business.

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