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Many business owners haven't heard of a SWOT analysis. It's a powerful tool that is used to help business owners think strategically. SWOT stands for internal Strengths and Weaknesses of the business, and external Opportunities and Threats to the business. Strong team culture is an example of an internal Strength whereas high turnover among employees is an of a Weakness. This 2 minute video highlights the power owners derive from helping them work through a SWOT analysis on their business. Once completed, it only takes 2 hours, we're able to identify projects to be worked on and to assign timelines and accountability.

Most business owners think that to grow their businesses they need to focus all their attention on doing the work of the business. As a result they work longer and longer hours...they're on the hamster wheel that's turning faster and faster. This short video discusses where owners need to focus if they want their business to reach the next level.put your text in this area

I'm excited to release the first of 15 videos clips that were taped for "Reality of Business" that aired on TV.

Successful business owners want more from their businesses. They often know that the business isn't achieving its true's doing well but has plateaued and they don't know how to take it to the next level. I share a couple ideas on this video that have worked successfully with my successful business owners.

Good is the enemy of great. Most business owners view "good" as being their destination. "My business is good". "Or, my employees are really good." By so saying they lessen the commitment to becoming GREAT. Being good is on the path to being great so don't "take your foot off the gas" when you become good. Remain committed to constant never-ending improvement.

I grew up in New Jersey as an avid fan of the New York Yankees. In fact I often dreamer of playing center field for the Yanks. Those Yankee teams weren't satisfied with being good; they were committed to being great.

Don't lower your horizon by only thinking about being good.

Has the growth of your business leveled off? Do you find yourself doing the same ole things to grow your business, but they're not having any effect? Wasn't it Einstein who defined an idiot as someone who keeps doing the same things over and over again expecting different results?

Well, if you find yourself in that position, this video offers you a couple ideas to think about. Some of the answers aren't apparent until you listen to this short video.

In working with business owners I find that most are experts at the technical elements about doing the work of their business...they know how to install a roof, or to style hair, or to practice law, or to file tax returns. And, they think that that's all they need to know in order to grow their businesses. Yet, they wonder why their business isn't achieving it's potential. They need to add knowledge about how to run a business to their passion for doing the work of the business. At good place to start is by reading "Start With Why'", which I introduce in this video.Input your text in this area

Running a business in a virtual environment presents challenges to both employees and management. Employees, especially today, have massive amounts of fear and they also feel isolated when working virtually. Management on the other hand has to manage without being able to see or hear in their offices. Challenges for both. This video presents many ideas on how management must bridge the virtual gap to ensure their business continues to meet it's execution goals.

Keeping customers should be one of your primary focuses, especially these days. You see, your repeat customers are your most profitable and therefore your most important. Do you have a strategy in place for increasing customer loyalty? This recording is of a webinar business owners to share ideas on what they should be doing to build customer loyalty and thereby repeat business. Having an effective customer loyalty program is always important but is imperative during this crisis.

As one of Atlanta’s leading business coaches, I teach business owners how to run the kind of business they want and deserve. And along the way, we achieve dramatic results.

We've all heard the ole maxim "Cash is King", and at no time is that more important than during economic downturns. As a business owner you've probably heard many of the same strategies to converse cash. In this short video I offer a couple of strategies that have proven successful around the world in helping business owners converse cash. These aren't the common strategies that everyone talks about, so they may be new to you. Have a listen to this 4 minute video and pick up ideas on strategies you may be able to apply to your business. All the best.

The concept of business coaching was pioneered in 1993 by the founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars. Almost three decades later, ActionCOACH continues to blaze the trail and serves as the business coaching industry’s most innovative company. As an Action coach, my philosophy is that I can never stop learning. I have to stay one or two steps ahead of my clients in order to ensure that I continue to add value to them and their businesses. That's why I have several clients that I've been working with for over 4 years of regular weekly and monthly meetings. Focused and profitable growing businesses are who I help. As one of Atlanta’s leading business coaches, I teach business owners how to run the kind of business they want and deserve.

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